14 Side Gigs You Can Start In Less Than 10 Days

Too many times I hear people say "I can't quit my job and start making money online" and I'm like, "Well hell, who said anything about quitting your job? Start a side gig!". You don't need to quit what your doing to start a business or earning additional income. In fact I would probably argue against it, why cut off a current and consistent source of income to try and grow something else. Instead I'd recommend setting up a side gig that work around your main income, which for the purpose of this article I'll assume is a job and traditional employment income. An additional benefit of having consistent income while you're trying something new is that you'll likely be less stressed and potentially panicking about not making money to live on because you know, money isn't everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen!

Unlearning My Bali Bad Habits

Sometimes I wonder if my experience as a rider makes me somewhat of an outlier when compared with the average guy in Ontario. I say this because while I have a licence here to date 90% of my experience had been in riding overseas in Asia and South America. As a matter of fact my first time on a motorbike was the little scooter I had in Indonesia when i was living there for 7 months. I actually took my first motorcycle lessons there as well.

Hubud in Ubud Gallery

This week I had lunch with a friend, Martin Hutnik of Juniper Insurance whereby I had been trying to explain the lifestyle of living in Bali Indonesia. But it's a quirky environment that I feel is better explained in photos than words so I put this brief post together to that end.

Running a Remote Real Estate Business

Here at the Motorcycle Capitalist my slogan is "Balancing Business on a Bike" and as such I wanted to share not only my enthusiasm for traveling and motorcycles but how I am able to run my business remotely and fund my almost nomadic lifestyle. 

It All Started When...

I had moved to Asia in 2015 for seven months and I was living in Bali, Indonesia. I had never ridden a motorbike and had no interest in them before. It was simply a means of transportation to me which I did not require, I already had a car which was more than sufficient. And I certainly wasn't sold after witnessing the chaos of traffic on the island first hand.