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Journaling: Monthly Review

Journaling: Monthly Review

Continuing along with last articles theme where I discussed my Morning Routine for Success I'm going to cover the monthly review I use to make sure I'm staying on track to reach my goals and live a life by design, not by happenstance.

I picked up most of these questions a few years ago in an article I read in what I think was Inc Magazine, I've since tweaked them over the years to better suit myself but at the core there may be some similarities. You are most welcome to customize, edit, delete them for yourself so the questions you are asking of yourself best suit you and your objectives.

What Did I Learn Last Month?

You just spent the last 30 days living your life and working in between, what is one lesson that you learned last month?

Last Months Greatest Accomplishment

What's the one thing you are most proud of? Perhaps you placed a sales call to an intimidating prospect, or maybe you closed more deals than by the same time last year? What left you with a feeling of accomplishment deserving of a pat on the back and self recognition.

Last Months Memorable Moment

What was something noteworthy that happened last month? Perhaps you were out on a camping trip and you simply saw a beautiful night sky from the comfort of your hammock, or perhaps you enjoyed a great road trip with friends.

This Months #1 Priority

What is the one thing you can do this month which will move the needle in your bottom line? I often speak in terms of business goals because that has been a priority of mine but there is no restriction on how you can use your journal and these questions to help guide you to your end goals. Perhaps your number 1 priority might be as simple as finding a new organization to volunteer your time with and visiting them on sight.

Past Struggles That May Affect This Month

It's always good to be aware of your weaknesses and any trouble that may be heading straight your way so you can prepare a plan before you need it. If there's something that has been a problem that could affect you in some way note it here.

Who Deserves a Thank You

Self explanatory and following in the theme of my journal as a whole based in gratitude. Who should you thank that perhaps you haven't yet and why.

What Baggage Can Be Dropped

I have found this to be helpful on more than one occasion, particularly as I review my past journals and I think to myself, was I really worried about that, how that that take up so much of my attention and cause so much stress. Yes, the old saying hindsight is 20:20 is true and something is't very fulfilling to look back at the adversity you've endured and how far you have come along your path.

Last Months Biggest Time Sink

Where have you been squandering your time? Have you spent more time planning to make sales calls than you have actually making them? Have you spent more time watching Netflix and Chilling than you have dialing for dollars? Sometime it's procrastination but others it could have been outside of your control, perhaps you lost a lot of time dealing with an insurance company regarding the payment of a claim. You cannot fix what you cannot see, so see where your hours have been going.

What Have I Been Avoiding Doing?

What do you know you should be doing that you aren't. There's no room for bullshit on these pages, you're writing this for your benefit, not anyone else's. Identify what you should have been doing so you can either make it a priority, take action and execute or delete it fro your list all together.

Who Can I Help?

Is there anyone you can help with something today, this week, this month?

Am I Moving Towards My Goals?

My answer isn't always a yes, but if I answer "no" too many times in a row I know it's time for a serious change.


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And We're Off!

And We're Off!

My Morning Routine for Success

My Morning Routine for Success