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My Morning Routine for Success

My Morning Routine for Success

I believe that one of the best things I can do to set myself and my business up for success each day is starting with a defined plan of what needs to get done, and my priorities while remembering to reflect on the things, no matter how small which I am grateful for.

Gratitude Journal Breakdown

I am Grateful for... And Why

What is it that I am grateful for today? It doesn't necessarily have to be something significant or profound. Oftentimes something as simple as being able to fill my glass with drinking water from the tap is something I am very grateful as I look back to some of the times when I couldn't drink from the tap. Buying five or ten liter jugs and lugging them home get's old quick.

Today's Goals

What are some of the things I'd like to acomplish today such has finish my route planning for an upcoming trip or practicing my Spanish.


I like to include a new quote of affirmation every morning. Sometimes it's something that finds me online and others it's a thought I might include myself such as

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign"

Today's Successes

Three "wins" from today such as meeting up with a friend for lunch and helping them out with something, or publishing an article online which I had been procrastinating on. 

Lessons Learned

I treat this as a daily After Action Report, reflecting on the days events and see what i could have done better. Yesterday my lessons learned read that I lacked focus and spent too much time watching non business related youtube videos... but in my defense it was a long weekend.


Pretty straightforward, this is the record of what time I woke up and went to sleep daily.


Did I meet my exercise personal training goals today.

% Effort

This is what my daily effort was in working towards my goals today in my opinion.

Mission Critical

These are the top priority tasks that must be completed before everything else. An example would be to submit invoices to a vendor or draft an agreement for a new office listing.

Action This Day

This is where I list my tasks for the day. I won't get into how I prioritize everything here, we'll dive into great detail in a future blog but in short I'll list items here such as call back client Frank re office space or update property listing with new amenities and so on.

Gratitude Journal
Journaling: Monthly Review

Journaling: Monthly Review

Departure in T-30ish Days

Departure in T-30ish Days